About Us

Who We Are

The Sarnia Police Association is a professional police labour relations organization committed to providing quality support for the approximately 180 members of the Sarnia Police Service, both sworn and civilian and their families.

While collective bargaining and labour contract administration are a priority for the Association, an equally important role for the Association is to promote a healthy and safe work environment for all members. The Association is dedicated to promoting and protecting members' rights through strong representation and to improve their safety and quality of life.

The Association represents its members, assists the Police Association of Ontario, (PAO), and the Canadian Police Association, (CPA), in various aspects. The Association assists in lobbying the government at all levels to ensure the voice of front-line personnel is heard in the never-ending public policy debate on law and order issues.

Association members are also actively engaged in the community by volunteering time with; fundraising events for local charities, service clubs, community associations and youth sports to make Sarnia a better place. As well the Association, as a whole, is committed by sponsoring various levels of teams in hockey, soccer, baseball, football and lacrosse.

Mission & Objectives:

The Association's primary objectives have remained the same which are focused on the well-being of our members:

  • to unite fraternally and to promote the mutual interests of its members
  • to uphold the honor of the police profession
  • to elevate the standards of the police service
  • to encourage a cordial and cooperative intercourse among its members
  • to promote the good and welfare of its members individually and collectively
  • to consider, advise upon and make representations with respect to the welfare of its members including conditions of service, employment and wages


In 1945, the Lambton County Police Association, Chapter No. 16, of the Police Association of Ontario, was formed. This Association consisted of police officers from neighbouring communities of Sarnia, Petrolia, Point Edward, Watford, Alvinston, Courtright, Oil Springs and Sarnia Township, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police, the RCMP and the Polymer Industrial Police.

On September 10, 1950 the last meeting of the Lambton County Police Association was held and this became the beginning of the Sarnia Police Association. A charter was acquired for the Sarnia Police Association which was signed on October 26, 1950 and the first official meeting of the Sarnia Police Association was held on November 05, 1950.

The first officials to hold office in the Sarnia Police Association were: President: William Simpkins; 1st Vice President: James Torrance; 2nd Vice President: Ken Smith; Secretary/Treasurer: Doug James.

Since then the Association has grown from a smaller membership of approximately 30 to approximately 110 sworn and 70 civilian members.